Tuesday, December 1, 2020


BEL VAL SPLASH : A didactic pavilion hosting an exhibition revealed by throwing water on walls !

The Bel-Val water was one of Luxembourg’s biggest success story. It gave its name to the current Belval district but this incredible story was forgotten.

Invited to design a pavilion that reanimates the story of this water shipped worldwide, we proposed to use concrete pipes as the main constructive components, since they are the elements that transport water. These pipes are built in Luxembourg by CONTERN who assured us that they will get the pipes back and reuse them, the day the pavilion will get dismantled (no material waste).

The inner scenography is made through a partial hydrophobic treatment with stencils and will be entirely invisible until somebody throws water on it. The contrast between the dry and wet parts reveals the rich iconography of this amazing story. As the presence of water turned a banal farm into a success story, it turns here some basic concrete elements into a rich and poetic panorama.


TEAM : YO studio, LACORD Architecte, Julie Marthe Hoffmann (FF)

RENDERS : yosoymaestro

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